New York City Food - BLACKFISH Ham & Mushroom Seafood NYC


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    I miss watching this videos with someone in past 😞

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    What magic potions is the chef using ?

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    Не хорошо говорить чёрная рыба ! Можно обидеть чувства чёрных 🙂.

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    Really? You went to NYC just for Asian Restaurant?

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    Very impressive cutting skills, great job 💯

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    I’m no knife or fish expert, but it looks to me that that was the wrong knife to fillet that fish 👀

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    Bone Gomez2 dni temu

    What a horrible way to prepare such a delicious fish... this is a crime scene I would not let this guy anywhere near my kitchen!

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    You ate the whole fish alone? Amazing!

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    sehr gut👍👍😀

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    I'd rather eat a big mac that fell into a puddle

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    Very good video

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    와~~~ 맛과 향이 너무 궁금하네요👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 최고의 요리에요!!😍

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    It is not a black fish but a grouper


    That's molmol

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    Wow ,,!!!!, Yummmmmmy !!!!

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    Wasted a lot of fish.... also not the most sanitary way to serve raw fish. Need to take lessons from a sashimi chef

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    Did you even watch? It was cooked--steamed.😒

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    Awsome nice

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    Like 10bravo 👍👍👌

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    I can guess how it tastes because I’m Asian but personally I don’t like this kind of sauce that they put cornflour

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    seems to be a lot of waste there....

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    He should go back to china with that meat clever, he's a butcher to the fish so much meat wasted because of using that meat clever

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    Exactly my thought.

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    looks like he gaffed that puppy in the side before he executed it. weird

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    That makes since. I thought they jus let him suffocate in that bowl

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    Next time cook the food 🙄

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    Blanching & steaming is cooking..

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    0:32 look at that fish's eye...

  • Vaz Cyl
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    I really don’t get it why do they complicate cutting the fish. I personally think that fish is more tasteful if you cook it with their bones. Or is it just me?

  • American Made

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    It's just you. It's perfectly okay to prepare fish more than one way.

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    The fish was injured prior to being cleaned.

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    Looks like a sore to me

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    looks so terrible

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    Impressive ginger art!

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    Blackish, aka, Tautog. Tautoga onitus.

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    누가 생선 손질을 저렇게 막 하누 버리는거 개많넼ㅋㅋ

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    Wow this fish look good Hello from Thailand 🇹🇭

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    Looks delicious!

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    So talented when he change ginger to prawn isn't

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    회 더럽게 못뜨네... 수산시장도 아닌데 비위생적임

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    У повара ногти ужасные и грязные. Не очень смотрится. Я не стал бы есть это.

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    И презентация блюда не очень.

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    Kill it before you begin dismembering it. Not good! 👿💀

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    Выглядит прекрасно и на вкус, думаю, тоже. Не понял, из чего он подливу сделал? Из кубика магги?

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    Чёрная дорадо и ветчина???

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    great video, do you mid telling me what device that you use to make this video?

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    These look delicious!

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    Black fish? is look like tilapia..

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    Is a tautog

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    Fucking wasted a fresh fish! That’s not even the best way to prepare such dish! Stupid!

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    @ShredPenguins and I did it for the uploader instead of impressing the audience. So thank you for replying me.

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    This Thursday I will watch this video full , so today I just commenting . That fish so big though

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    ngl the blackfish looks cute

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    This video as is all your videos excellent what is the name of that resturant? Please continue your videos they are inspiring and of high quality. Cinematography thanks will keep watching!!!

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    WTF fishcutting with a scissor? Skill level -1,000

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    I love fish, too. I know a lot of fish because I like to go fishing, but I've never seen that fish before. What is the name of that fish? 😊

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    Idk its like a parrot fish but less slimy and has smaller scales

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    ​@Elias Olovsson well, abviously he does.

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    Black fish aka Tautog

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    What is the name of this fish?

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    Tautog, or black fish

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