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  • Zita Man
    Zita Man3 dni temu

    I luv eating durian as dessert

  • Mazmaryo FA
    Mazmaryo FA4 dni temu

    Mantap Dah, Smoga Kita Bisa Bantu Para Pedagang Kecil Ammin, Sallam Pejuang Street Food

  • 강경원
    강경원5 dni temu

    Dimsum is awesome Chinese traditional food! just as Kimchi is good korean traditional food. I wanna go there.

  • sessiz tepe
    sessiz tepe5 dni temu

    Omg niceeee

  • sessiz tepe
    sessiz tepe5 dni temu

    Wooooow 😍

  • xValsion
    xValsion5 dni temu

    that durian so not fresh

  • Eunmi Jang Channel
    Eunmi Jang Channel6 dni temu

    Love it

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    ของดีส่งออกนอกหมดเหลือให้แต่ของเกรดต่ำๆ สุดยอดคนบ้านเรา

  • LosH Sky
    LosH Sky6 dni temu

    Thai durian is super delicious!!

  • Rahmat Septian
    Rahmat Septian6 dni temu

    Btw that fruit is called durian here in indonesia 🇲🇨.

  • Amanda Rena'
    Amanda Rena'6 dni temu

    Is that jack fruit or a sea animal?

  • Bull Daag
    Bull Daag7 dni temu

    what does durian taste like ??

  • Arrumaisya Leslie
    Arrumaisya Leslie8 dni temu

    👍 Semoga sukses, sehat n bahagia selalu buat semua y

  • Davi Yoseph
    Davi Yoseph9 dni temu

    Here in Brazil the name of this fruit is JACA and is bigger than this one in the video . Its a Very good and delicious fruit and not expensive

  • -abc- -
    -abc- -9 dni temu

    who needs rolling pin anyway if you have that all purpose cleaver.

  • thiamsin yap
    thiamsin yap9 dni temu

    果肉都被冰过分解了,口感不在了 香气减低了啊,看到这一幕 我太难了

  • thiamsin yap
    thiamsin yap9 dni temu


  • Dewa Putu Wisnu
    Dewa Putu Wisnu10 dni temu

    Bro sebenarnya kmu orang mana

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    Very good Please subscribe to my channel and discover Europe

  • za za
    za za10 dni temu

    I love durian's, 🇮🇩

  • Anjing Bangke
    Anjing Bangke10 dni temu

    damnnn ... what is that yellow mushy thing they mix with the durian?? is that margarine???

  • Thaifood泰国美食&普吉岛生活
    Thaifood泰国美食&普吉岛生活10 dni temu


  • 김치 Kimchi
    김치 Kimchi11 dni temu

    안녕? 난 한국 출신이야! 날 먹어 줘! 맛있게 드셔 주셔서 감사합니다~ Hello? I'm from Korea! Eat me! I’m really grateful for your eating~ 쟤도 맛있어 보이네♡ That looks yummy too♡

  • Bruno Cesar
    Bruno Cesar11 dni temu

    1:15 fruto do conde ou jaca??? que merda é essa....

  • Galih Permana Putra
    Galih Permana Putra11 dni temu

    Jadi pengen makan durian..

  • Omar Sabbagh
    Omar Sabbagh11 dni temu

    اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه وسلم

  • Marin Popescu
    Marin Popescu11 dni temu

    Like 👍👍👍

  • Beta Ray Bill
    Beta Ray Bill11 dni temu

    Hand gloves please.

  • Usagi Walking
    Usagi Walking11 dni temu


  • Sudhir Yadav
    Sudhir Yadav11 dni temu

    is it jackfroot ????????


    Yummy! Who's craving for some dim sum now?

  • FooderMarket
    FooderMarket11 dni temu

    I like dim sum. Yummy recipe,thx for sharing.

  • Serenity Love
    Serenity Love12 dni temu

    A bit late but, welcome to NYC!

  • Daira Mateu
    Daira Mateu12 dni temu

    Fua hermano tengo un hambre

  • bubba lo
    bubba lo12 dni temu

    My dad and cousin say why go through all that work at home for a few bites. Go to a restaurant, too much work. Dim sum can cost as much as eating out at a nice restaurant these days. Can cost on average of about $1.25 a morsel. It costs my family about $20-$25 per person and that's without ordering drinks and tip. And that's not at a fancy dim sum restaurant.

  • bubba lo
    bubba lo12 dni temu

    Video could of been cut down to half the time. A lot of repetitiveness digging out the fruit and making the wrappers and stuff over and over.

  • Raoul Volfoni
    Raoul Volfoni12 dni temu

    The big problem with this channel is the non-existent description, and that's a shame!

  • Banker Dave
    Banker Dave12 dni temu

    Wow, I never knew Dim-Sum is so labor intensive. I have new-found respect for it!

  • 黄啊三
    黄啊三12 dni temu


  • Tania Xomuni C.
    Tania Xomuni C.12 dni temu

    China-american-newyorker-brooklyn food... NO THANKS, I wanna cook to my self.

  • Wendy Stephenson
    Wendy Stephenson12 dni temu

    Explanation please....I have no idea what’s going on....

  • Wendy Stephenson
    Wendy Stephenson12 dni temu

    What is durian fruit????

  • Bobshouse
    Bobshouse12 dni temu

    Throwing the best part (the seeds) out.

  • Kennith Chapman

    Kennith Chapman

    Godzinę temu

    The whole thing is discusting!!

  • chris porter

    chris porter

    6 dni temu

    You ready the seeds? How?

  • Arfa Barmcake
    Arfa Barmcake12 dni temu

    Got to say, the food looks fab 👍

  • Susie Hall
    Susie Hall12 dni temu

    You are a truly talented chef ! How I wish I could come eat your dimsum !!!❤❤❤

  • Susie Hall

    Susie Hall

    12 dni temu

    I lost my job in March or I would be ordering online SUPER DIMSUM MAN !❤❤❤

  • Kyle Bush
    Kyle Bush12 dni temu

    What is that in the white dumplings?

  • Kyle Bush

    Kyle Bush

    11 dni temu

    That sounds delicious

  • bubba lo

    bubba lo

    12 dni temu

    Pieces of chopped and pounded shrimp, tapioca starch, sesame oil, bamboo shoot, white pepper, salt, sugar and maybe soy sauce basically.

  • badriyono keren
    badriyono keren12 dni temu

    Serius di amrik ada nasi Jamblang. Nyari daun jatinya dimana 😂

  • Uzbek Oilasi Taomlari
    Uzbek Oilasi Taomlari12 dni temu

    Класс! Просто, вкусно и красиво . Спасибо!) Друзья заходите в гости на новый кулинарный канал поддержите

  • Свободная Страна

    Свободная Страна

    2 dni temu

    Что это за фрукт? И вы это кушали?


    This Durian fruit has lot of medical properties. very famous in Malaysia and Singapore

  • Majesticool Muffin

    Majesticool Muffin

    12 dni temu

    @O X Y Y S it doesn't even smell that bad tbh but maybe there are really potent varieties i've yet to try



    12 dni temu

    @O X Y Y S ...yes, you are right.

  • O X Y Y S

    O X Y Y S

    12 dni temu

    ye but it stinks like hell

  • Susie Hall

    Susie Hall

    12 dni temu

    When are Durians medical properties ?


    is this in New York. The man who is taking the juice from the blender is not using hand Gloves

  • GGul Dom ASMR꿀돔
    GGul Dom ASMR꿀돔12 dni temu

    There were these kinds of New York food, and it looks more delicious because of the direct cooking process. When I saw the video, I thought I wanted to go and try it myself!

  • Haziran Mirzoev
    Haziran Mirzoev12 dni temu

    J’aimerais bien goûter ce fruit sauf que c’est difficile de trouver en France

  • الطبخ والنزه في المغرب
    الطبخ والنزه في المغرب12 dni temu


  • Nadh
    Nadh12 dni temu

    “Durian crepe” lel

  • Nadh


    12 dni temu

    @GhostStalker yeah same here. I dont really like it since its smelly 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • GhostStalker


    12 dni temu

    They smell disgusting, yet my family loves them and orders them every time they’re available at dim sum

  • Archemi
    Archemi12 dni temu

    Un cannolo di crema pasticcera al Durian?

  • Руслан
    Руслан12 dni temu

    пельмени с тыквой)

  • TK Food Society
    TK Food Society12 dni temu

    Look yummy 😋👍

  • DJ Govan
    DJ Govan12 dni temu

    For the love of God please find somewhere Asian to eat in Brooklyn that actually knows how to cook rather than mass cater and uses quality ingredients with the respect they deserve. Speaking as coming from an Asian family the Cantonese in my local high Street does amazing food with high quality ingredients and costs a fraction of the price. You are mistaking high end prices for quality. I looked at the menu online and the prices are a rip off.

  • Mateus Coimbra
    Mateus Coimbra12 dni temu

    É a famosa jaca aqui do Brasil.

  • Beky Molimend

    Beky Molimend

    Dzień temu

    En serio?

  • John Rajek
    John Rajek12 dni temu

    Your durian is not high quality. The meat shouldnt comes off when opened then the color must be or more like gold like in the Philippines 🇵🇭 we have one of the best durian aside thailand

  • KINGkt Gamer

    KINGkt Gamer

    8 dni temu

    Wow really

  • John
    John12 dni temu

    Most disgusting fruit.

  • DivineDaoist


    12 dni temu

    Smells bad taste great, pros and cons

  • Pete Waltz
    Pete Waltz12 dni temu

    Needs more context in the description of the video, clearly some people have no idea what durian is

  • Ann a
    Ann a12 dni temu

    去榴槤網套、切完榴槤皮,然後-直接挖果肉......這樣戴手套的意義是? 跨國運送中間經過多少東西,摸一摸直接抓肉抓爛....

  • Equinox79
    Equinox7912 dni temu

    Smelly durian but taste like heaven? 😀

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    YUMMY FC12 dni temu


  • PussyMoneyWeed758
    PussyMoneyWeed75812 dni temu

    Love from St.Lucia...we call that fruit bread nut closely related to jack fruit and bread it.

  • Eat Away

    Eat Away

    11 dni temu

    That's a durian buddy..

  • Hà Nguyễn
    Hà Nguyễn12 dni temu

    Look yummy! I 💙 dimsum

  • Yummy Foodland
    Yummy Foodland12 dni temu

    I like DURIAN very much

  • Duraging
    Duraging12 dni temu

    Lol that's a soursop ripoff

  • Pete Waltz

    Pete Waltz

    12 dni temu

    It's called a durian, kinda looks like soursop but tastes different

  • ももたん
    ももたん12 dni temu


  • Ismi Hafsari
    Ismi Hafsari12 dni temu

    Baru tau ternyata buka durian gak perlu piso tinggal pake ujung sendok aja

  • Life Miracle Foods channel 探秘美食
    Life Miracle Foods channel 探秘美食12 dni temu

    Wow yummy 😋 look so delicious 😍

  • Nelia Ramos
    Nelia Ramos12 dni temu

    e muito legal

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    Allie* SECR3T ViD3O * Live !!! Now -*-

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    Holding your hand is the best cure for any longing.

  • Prito Surya
    Prito Surya12 dni temu

    Durian from Indonesian

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    Brasil aquiiiiiii🤗🤗🤗✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • makebody다영
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  • Matthew Wagner
    Matthew Wagner12 dni temu

    Isn't durain sticky, also called Jack fruit. Smells like dirty socks and tastes like rottin onions. Yummy...... Sounds good = (

  • Liana Risha

    Liana Risha

    12 dni temu

    Durian is not jackfruit. They look similar but the taste and smell are not the same at all 🙂

  • ไต๋แขก Outdoor life Thailand
    ไต๋แขก Outdoor life Thailand12 dni temu

    Great video 👍

  • Local Jax ASMR
    Local Jax ASMR12 dni temu

    Who loves to eat Cantonese dim sum here.

  • Aaron Blair

    Aaron Blair

    2 dni temu

    I haven't been for over 15 years, my grandmother used to take me when she came up to Seattle from LA to, nevermind make that 20 years ago.. I vividly remember getting the chicken feet and my whole family think it was gross. Until they tried after that we had them every time.

  • EG 215
    EG 21512 dni temu

    Food Network: Wash rinse repeat Travel Thirsty: We cooking everything DIM SUM

  • Mat Colt
    Mat Colt12 dni temu

    The name of the fruit?

  • Mawar Setyorini

    Mawar Setyorini

    12 dni temu

    If you hate something smell bed,that must be you hate durian..

  • Mat Colt

    Mat Colt

    12 dni temu

    @Mawar Setyorini thanks

  • Mawar Setyorini

    Mawar Setyorini

    12 dni temu


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  • FreakyGhost Channel
    FreakyGhost Channel12 dni temu

    Durian,that full of thorn fruits named Durian

  • Harsh Prasad

    Harsh Prasad

    12 dni temu

    @DivineDaoist but this fruit in called jackfruit in INDIA

  • DivineDaoist


    12 dni temu

    @Harsh Prasad it is Durian I know that fruit from anywhere.

  • FreakyGhost Channel

    FreakyGhost Channel

    12 dni temu

    @Harsh Prasad go do some research man

  • Harsh Prasad

    Harsh Prasad

    12 dni temu

    No That's jackfruit

  • sexy2much4u Coleman
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    Village Cooking and Eating12 dni temu

    amazing video really enjoying this video

  • Village Cooking and Eating
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    1st view 1st comment



    12 dni temu

    Im second place

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    Did you take a screenshot?



    12 dni temu

    Who cares

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    Thank you😘 for support💞 and love😍💖.


    First view Plz pin me