New York City Food - GIANT ALASKAN KING CRAB Fried Rice Park Asia Brooklyn Seafood NYC


  • Guenzburgh Dcl
    Guenzburgh DclGodzinę temu

    The Koreans do a much better job, this is crude and amateurish

  • Gloria Henry
    Gloria Henry10 godzin temu

    Dang looks good and yummy

  • Gloria Henry
    Gloria Henry10 godzin temu

    I thought they were gonna kill it first not start snipping away 😬

  • Richard van Tricht
    Richard van Tricht15 godzin temu

    Wouldnt it be more humane kill it first

  • Black Johnny
    Black JohnnyDzień temu

    Where is the address plz can someone tell me

  • ajim husaini
    ajim husainiDzień temu

    19:30 that chef need to cut his nails...

  • JustSomeGuy
    JustSomeGuy2 dni temu

    90% People: Mhh Delicious! other 10% People: bruh, he is hacking him alive

  • putrakajen Margoyoso
    putrakajen Margoyoso2 dni temu


    WAHYU MANCING2 dni temu


  • W D
    W D2 dni temu

    You are a monster why do you do Dat

  • ชัชฎาภรณ์ พาแกดํา
    ชัชฎาภรณ์ พาแกดํา2 dni temu


  • Olivia DiBona
    Olivia DiBona3 dni temu

    I love Park Asia! Best service, best food!

  • Kristen White
    Kristen White3 dni temu

    They deep fry such an expensive and fresh ingredient????!!!!!

  • francia sauceda
    francia sauceda3 dni temu

    Im surprised there was rice in that dish at all, it was made out 90% other condiments and 10% rice.

  • Edgar Kauil
    Edgar Kauil3 dni temu

    Ya Adriana salte, ah no verdad :V

  • Ishwar Dhruw
    Ishwar Dhruw3 dni temu

    करोड़ों साल पुराने जीवो के विलुप्त का कारण इंसान

  • Ishwar Dhruw
    Ishwar Dhruw3 dni temu


  • Sudh TCR
    Sudh TCR3 dni temu

    Heavy cruelty against a poor creature.

  • Carlos Araujo
    Carlos Araujo3 dni temu

    Só acho que deveria matar primeiro não sair cortando o bicho vivo

  • Athos agiota

    Athos agiota

    2 dni temu

    Ele tava morto, só que continuou se mexendo por causa dos espasmos

  • Gusti Wahyu
    Gusti Wahyu3 dni temu

    Mana sempat.keburu mati kelaparan ini

  • Gusti Wahyu

    Gusti Wahyu

    3 dni temu

    Kelamaan d masak

  • DougMc
    DougMc3 dni temu

    What a horrible waste of King Crab..Deep-fried and battered ?? Seen it done with lobster too... WHY ?? The meat loses it's flavour when you deep-fry in oil that has been used for who-knows what other items .. Best is to flash boil.. dip meat in butter/garlic and garlic toast

  • Ivan Chandra
    Ivan Chandra3 dni temu

    love the food but at least kill it first

  • Alex Wang
    Alex Wang3 dni temu

    the crab died unjustly

  • Henyo TV
    Henyo TV3 dni temu

    I have so many seafoods recipes..

  • Koming ASMR
    Koming ASMR4 dni temu


  • Utty syahirah Putri
    Utty syahirah Putri4 dni temu

    Yg putih tu apa woi

  • Mohd Zulhelmi

    Mohd Zulhelmi

    3 dni temu

    Same lah tertanya2 jugak ape tu 😲

  • 권정희
    권정희5 dni temu


  • stokiestew potter
    stokiestew potter5 dni temu

    That's an ugly alien.

  • Claudia Claudia
    Claudia Claudia5 dni temu

    I thought you would kill it first it died a horrible death I don't like that

  • Sky
    Sky5 dni temu

    Did anyone else just burst out laughing at the crinkle fries being added or was that just me

  • Terrell The Great
    Terrell The Great5 dni temu

    that crab said: Ayo whatchu finna do with them scissors bru-AAAAAAAAH AAAAAAH IT HURTS AAAAH

  • PhuongHD Le
    PhuongHD Le5 dni temu

    Hi everyone

  • Mahakaal bhakt
    Mahakaal bhakt5 dni temu

    Humans are disgusting , killing this beautiful creature for food ..

  • keyvan keyvan
    keyvan keyvan5 dni temu

    چه جانورایی اینا میخورن به سگ بدی نمیخوره

  • TheDranny
    TheDranny6 dni temu

    Looks delicious. Bit harsh not dispatching before butchering though.

  • Надежда Парфирова
    Надежда Парфирова6 dni temu

    Наглядный пример,как можно испортить вкус такого ценного и вкусного продукта,как краб

  • Александр Сергеев
    Александр Сергеев6 dni temu

    Балбесы испортили краба ток

  • msbrownbeast
    msbrownbeast6 dni temu

    That large crab must have cost at least $500 USD

  • Jowana Laila
    Jowana Laila7 dni temu

    You start to cut him and he still in life !!! This dirty word really deserve more then حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل coronavirus

  • Searly Medeiros
    Searly Medeiros7 dni temu

    Q arte, fodastica

  • Athos agiota

    Athos agiota

    2 dni temu


  • lr 21
    lr 217 dni temu

    No one mention the track marks on dudes hands and wrists! Dude using sissors wow.

  • lr 21

    lr 21

    3 dni temu

    @Yun Engdahl yea look at the placement of the scarring

  • Yun Engdahl

    Yun Engdahl

    3 dni temu

    Is that from cooking burns or from drug use? I didn't notice til you mentioned it, I was fascinated on the moving crab. Hard to believe he's shooting up being a great chef

  • dipsomania0
    dipsomania07 dni temu

    how much?

  • jthoen61
    jthoen618 dni temu

    Damn, I'm hungry. I just ate a candy bar.

  • VoiNoV GleB
    VoiNoV GleB8 dni temu

    Ааа,вот где наши крабы)

  • Kirill Komorv
    Kirill Komorv8 dni temu

    В этом ресторане еще гавно на палочке подают! у местных жителей пользуется спросом огромным

  • oltorf520
    oltorf5208 dni temu

    why did he destroy the claw like that??? lmao this dude

  • Ajeet Singh
    Ajeet Singh8 dni temu

    You are really cruel and heartless people 😢😢😢go to hell

  • Ines Cg
    Ines Cg9 dni temu

    Trocear el cangrejo me parece un desperdicio.con lo bueno que está cocerlo entero

  • ncdxero88
    ncdxero889 dni temu

    The fried rice was probably addicting.

  • Богатырь
    Богатырь10 dni temu

    Прям в труху, что там есть то?

  • Keung Wong
    Keung Wong10 dni temu


  • theFormidable1
    theFormidable110 dni temu

    how much did this dish cost?

  • Nikhi Anicete
    Nikhi Anicete11 dni temu

    vIndia vs England

  • ĐEEZ
    ĐEEZ11 dni temu

    Damn.. hopefully when its the chefs time to go god doesnt pull off his limbs 1 by 1 while still alive

  • Cheok Lo
    Cheok Lo12 dni temu



    Next life chef becomes crab ... crab becomes chef ... that’s karma.

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  • Mass Bross
    Mass Bross12 dni temu

    looks amazing and delicious. whats the name of the two dishes?

  • Teresė Krigerytė
    Teresė Krigerytė12 dni temu

    Man jų gaila

  • Thomas ThePaine
    Thomas ThePaine12 dni temu

    Are they still in business after this miserable show? Has this "chef" ever heard of killing an animal first, before cutting it up? He should be banned from any civilized kitchen!

  • tasty journey
    tasty journey12 dni temu

    I really like your channel. You inspire me.

    BAWE BONGAN12 dni temu

    Wooww amazing

  • Lidiya Druz
    Lidiya Druz13 dni temu

    Был крабик , и нет его. Сожрали!Фу!

  • Zimal khan
    Zimal khan13 dni temu

    Its so yummmmmmy😋

  • Ivyong Ivy
    Ivyong Ivy14 dni temu

    ~ *

  • Lunar Farmer
    Lunar Farmer14 dni temu

    Уебищно испоганили чистый вкус мяса краба. Сливочное масло и чеснок (для тех, кто любит). Ничего больше не надо. Да и в жбан ему топорик милосердия не воткнули. Негодую!

  • Ashakie Samuels
    Ashakie Samuels14 dni temu

    Can someone send the location

  • Viktor ScruelberG

    Viktor ScruelberG

    9 dni temu

    Do you even see the tittle ? Lmao

  • Titin Kamila
    Titin Kamila15 dni temu

    Spider crab,, lovely crab🤤🤤🤤

  • usmcpound
    usmcpound15 dni temu

    Just imagine eating the guts of that thing... 🤮

  • Viktor ScruelberG

    Viktor ScruelberG

    9 dni temu


  • Mac Mike

    Mac Mike

    14 dni temu


  • Shanye Williams
    Shanye Williams16 dni temu

    Where is this place located

  • tiffany


    3 dni temu

    Park Asia Brooklyn 6521 8th ave

  • Lutemis
    Lutemis16 dni temu

    I always wonder if you eat the shell or not when it's fried like that.

  • Justchjll Man
    Justchjll Man17 dni temu

    Just call me Scissorman, who needs a knife when you get a pair of scissors.

  • Guadalupe Atilano
    Guadalupe Atilano17 dni temu

    Grasias buen bideo ..

  • Andrea Andrea
    Andrea Andrea17 dni temu

    GREAT FOODS 🇧🇷👏👏👏

  • GoodGamer 123
    GoodGamer 12317 dni temu

    Pray for da crab 😔

  • Evonne Swift Todd
    Evonne Swift Todd17 dni temu

    Amazing prep work and cooking skills for the recipe. I love crab. Wish I could taste it. Thank you for video and no background music.

  • Frank Kolton
    Frank Kolton18 dni temu

    Did you get those crabs from Suzy Rottencrotch?

  • Village Amazing tv
    Village Amazing tv18 dni temu


  • Wing Cheung Chow
    Wing Cheung Chow18 dni temu

    Live in deep water as Great Loyal King,place in big dish as delicious tasty food. 😋😋😋

  • Cleiton Diniz
    Cleiton Diniz19 dni temu

    Eu vendo esse vídeo comendo um pão com manteiga 😂😂😂😂

  • Athos agiota

    Athos agiota

    2 dni temu


  • Hélio Moraes da Silva

    Hélio Moraes da Silva

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  • Markof


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    J FÉLIX ARANA TOSCANO19 dni temu

    Could someone be so kind to write down the recipe please?

  • Delores SQUARE
    Delores SQUARE19 dni temu

    That's so mean.

  • Great Leader
    Great Leader19 dni temu

    Did the chef literally castrate the crab before he started to break it down while it was alive? damn he's a savage. (a crab's apron is their reproductive organs)

  • sen yan

    sen yan

    3 dni temu


  • Michèle Patricia APPIA

    Michèle Patricia APPIA

    6 dni temu


  • Madhuresh Pratap
    Madhuresh Pratap19 dni temu

    kill them first

  • Usagi Walking
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  • Ахмед Ахмедов
    Ахмед Ахмедов19 dni temu

    Класс какая красота.

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  • Vinnie Duke
    Vinnie Duke19 dni temu

    Dam crab never saw it coming cut from behind😂😂😂

  • Thom Michaels
    Thom Michaels19 dni temu

    Beautiful work👍

  • Telémaco Lambrou
    Telémaco Lambrou20 dni temu

    Looks good but you go to NY to eat asian food ??

  • Algi IsHere
    Algi IsHere20 dni temu

    vidio orang kok di copet buat konten

  • DJ Rico Goldenboy
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  • J.R
    J.R20 dni temu

    Ooh no😱crab was still alive😥 🤬🤬😡this is soo sick🤮

  • Fernando Hisoka
    Fernando Hisoka20 dni temu

    CHILE! Para que pruebes un curanto o un disco jaja

    CUISINE D'HILDA20 dni temu

    May God bless and grant success🛎👍

  • Bürke İsra Şen
    Bürke İsra Şen20 dni temu

    Crab was alive as you know and you didn’t think anything to cut. You’re not different the Murders. Empathy is everything!

  • Viktor ScruelberG

    Viktor ScruelberG

    9 dni temu


  • Abolfazl Khodabakhshi
    Abolfazl Khodabakhshi20 dni temu

    It was alive😢😢

  • putra nazarudin
    putra nazarudin20 dni temu

    And here i am, watching it while eating my Indomie 😭

  • Mayuresh Kawde
    Mayuresh Kawde20 dni temu

    Idk why they eat after all those juices wasted.

  • Ayu Nico

    Ayu Nico

    20 dni temu

    They aren't "juices". That's the crab's shit and intestines and guts.