New York City Food - $400 GIANT LOBSTER Seafood Salad Park Asia NYC


  • Richard van Tricht
    Richard van Tricht44 minut temu

    Whats that pink fruit? And taste like?

  • Regina Gibson
    Regina Gibson56 minut temu

    Not worth $400. All that fru fru it’s FOOD eat it and STOP playing with it.

    ARMALITE 77Dzień temu

    Quello è un astice!! Le aragoste nn hanno le chele😂😂!!

  • Нина Резник
    Нина РезникDzień temu

    Що то за овочі ? Чі фрукти ?

  • Ji Hong
    Ji HongDzień temu


  • Khagenkanta Rai
    Khagenkanta Rai2 dni temu

    Fruits don't go with lobster

  • Norbert Schuster
    Norbert Schuster2 dni temu

    Völlig überflüssig...die Majonäse noch draufzuspritzen....ansonsten top...👍

  • Ali Prince8801
    Ali Prince88013 dni temu


  • Loren Faith Pabico
    Loren Faith Pabico3 dni temu

    The only thing i love is the dragon fruit

  • Thanhtra Pham
    Thanhtra Pham3 dni temu

    An phi hoa

  • Silver Back
    Silver Back3 dni temu

    What a waste of lobster

  • David García
    David García3 dni temu

    Sirva me 2😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • walee lau
    walee lau4 dni temu

    一隻咁靚嘅龍蝦畀佢劏成咁 煮成咁 我係客人一定要叫佢賠錢

  • غدير توفيق
    غدير توفيق5 dni temu

    حرام تحطوه وهو على قيد الحياة في المياه الساخنة جدا

  • Sevda Mammadova
    Sevda Mammadova5 dni temu

    Человек самы естокии насете 😟😥

  • Ilman Hikmah
    Ilman Hikmah5 dni temu

    Kasian direbus pas lg idup

  • Mohsinkhan R
    Mohsinkhan R5 dni temu

    400 usd for this little guy😆

  • Diana Rivera
    Diana Rivera5 dni temu

    Soy Mexicana, y me ofende como corto el meloooon!!!!!🙃🙃 Quien le dijo que se corta asiiiii😭😭😭

  • Ivon Wilson
    Ivon Wilson6 dni temu

    Mayonaise and fruit..........what a waste

  • Дмитрий
    Дмитрий6 dni temu

    Пойду пельмецов поем :)

  • Виталий Соколов
    Виталий Соколов6 dni temu


  • 煉金士愛玩
    煉金士愛玩7 dni temu

    $400 = $100 for chef + $100 lobster + $100 fruits + $100 flowers

  • 煉金士愛玩
    煉金士愛玩7 dni temu

    So wasted the melons, just dropped the huge cores.

  • Xatire Erestun
    Xatire Erestun7 dni temu

    Qansız ograsdar ,canlı necə qaynar suya atdye

  • jose betico
    jose betico8 dni temu

    Al animal podrían darle una muerte menos cruel. Es repugnante.

  • Francisco Martínez
    Francisco Martínez8 dni temu

    Lava la langonsta una vez cocida y desperdicia todos los jugos!!! OMG!!!

  • La Paddanrenk Andi Mappangara
    La Paddanrenk Andi Mappangara8 dni temu

    Nyamenna👅maelokka😅😅😅siagana doi pesanan wee...

  • kalgstol
    kalgstol8 dni temu

    $400! Boy were you taken on this one🤦‍♂️

  • ajbug77
    ajbug778 dni temu

    Who eats MAYO like that?!! Do people truly get down like that? They LOST me as soon as they added Helmans, but I fast forward to the end only to see they added more. The poor lobster lost its life to be foreshadowed by mayonnaise. Absolutely despicable.

  • feng lu
    feng lu8 dni temu

    Clearly, it is over price. Many ingredients can not eaten in the plate.

  • Alex M.
    Alex M.8 dni temu

    I’m sorry but I would never order this salad.

  • Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief
    Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief9 dni temu

    A nice video, we have so many nice places to see in this world. Happy traveling!

  • Nito_One
    Nito_One9 dni temu

    Это зачем же было майонез добавлять? Это просто безвкусица. Покупаю лобстера за 400 долларов, ты надеешься вкусить лобстера без привкуса дешёвого майонеза.

  • Dũng Mai
    Dũng Mai9 dni temu

    I see "thanh long" in my country. I feel it so,so,so........delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jerome martin
    jerome martin10 dni temu

    You take a Japanese, you tie its limbs to it, and you know how to boil it quietly, starting with the hands, then the arms. You wait a bit anyway. and you end up with the head. But above all, don't forget to film this!

  • Tasty Lens
    Tasty Lens10 dni temu

    So interesting

  • Jonny Tineo
    Jonny Tineo10 dni temu

    La creta coño pa eso es que quiero cuarto

  • Keung Wong
    Keung Wong10 dni temu


  • Soutchay Siharath
    Soutchay Siharath10 dni temu

    Not worth it !!! Don’t look good !!

  • H TONY
    H TONY11 dni temu

    I am a Chinese New Yorker and I am living in Brooklyn ..Park Asia is one of my favorite Chinese restaurant that I always goes for dim sum in the morning and sometimes dinner ..their chefs are great and foods are authentic..however this high price lobster dish doesn’t means it tastes bad..also as a Chinese I wouldn’t order this because I prefer another way to cook lobster such as stir fried with scallion and ginger ...whether you guys like it or not but please pay some respects to the chef..thanks

  • Cody Long
    Cody Long11 dni temu

    When you see the claws are bigger than the body. Then you remember one time you ordered a small steam lobster and it was missing a claw. /feel bad

  • xavier maldonado
    xavier maldonado11 dni temu

    Industrial Mayo with this kills twice 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Francisco Garcia Mendez
    Francisco Garcia Mendez12 dni temu

    Cutre...restaurante de crucero

  • Princess_Yow
    Princess_Yow12 dni temu

    imagine being boiled alive, headfirst

  • Thomas ThePaine
    Thomas ThePaine12 dni temu

    He forgot to add wipped cream and peanut butter. . . What a waste of a perfectly good lobster!

  • ViniZera
    ViniZera12 dni temu

    Maionese de frutas, éssa é nova o.O

  • marco modula
    marco modula12 dni temu

    Se questa è un aragosta io sono Marilyn Monroe 😀😀😀😀😁

  • Dumb Bitch
    Dumb Bitch12 dni temu

    Gordon ramsay is shaking

  • Kurstie Phillips
    Kurstie Phillips12 dni temu

    Can we all agree that guy is never allowed to cut a melon again 😤😑 so much waste

  • Lovo motovlog
    Lovo motovlog12 dni temu

    No pagaría 400 dólares por un plato que esta mur cargado de cosas que al final ni te comerás y desecharas a la basura crítica constructiva... para que valoren eso

  • Yutube SuspendedMyAccount
    Yutube SuspendedMyAccount13 dni temu

    Poor lobster. That's gotta be one of the most painful way to die getting boil alive. At least give it a quick death before you cook it.

  • Manipulation.
    Manipulation.13 dni temu

    RIP 15 Jan 2021

  • Alan fishing mania
    Alan fishing mania13 dni temu

    Wow mantap luar biasa☕👍👍

  • Norbert Witwicki
    Norbert Witwicki14 dni temu

    I hate those Asian techniques to cook those poor creatures. Just through whole body to the cooking pot

  • Mc Ren
    Mc Ren14 dni temu

    We shouldn’t be boiling lobsters alive. Terrible.

  • Alberto Portugal
    Alberto Portugal14 dni temu

    I came to see the lobster get butchered

  • Oaxaca
    Oaxaca15 dni temu


  • Hf H
    Hf H15 dni temu

    Not worth $400

  • Feya Amnezia
    Feya Amnezia15 dni temu

    this lobster died in vain. It seems this is the stupidest flavor combination you could think of, all you need to do is sprinkle Pringles potato chips on top

  • Feya Amnezia
    Feya Amnezia15 dni temu

    my heart cried when I saw how he dealt with the melon.

  • Prima Pax
    Prima Pax15 dni temu

    My only question is how are you allowed to be back there in the US XD

  • Luke Kim
    Luke Kim15 dni temu

    What a waste..... I would not eat it like this.... LOL

  • emociones moteras
    emociones moteras15 dni temu

    No puede lavar así a la langosta 🙆🏻‍♂️

  • v s
    v s16 dni temu


  • CatBeLazy Spiffy
    CatBeLazy Spiffy16 dni temu

    The reason its so expensive is how long it takes to grow a lobster this size. Ranging from 15-20lbs. They're HUGE.

  • Christiano 15
    Christiano 1517 dni temu

    This is officially the worst lobster dish i ever see in my life. You might as well spend 400$ at McDonald's.

  • Frank Kolton
    Frank Kolton18 dni temu

    So what if it's $400, it serves 8 people. If you go to a good restaurant it's easy to drop a minimum of $100 to $150 per person when you figure in drinks and wine. You should see what they charge in top restaurants in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It looks like many commenters here think fine dining is places like Olive Garden and Red Lobster.

  • erida5
    erida518 dni temu

    You ruined it with that mayonnaise

  • farss al.iraqe
    farss al.iraqe18 dni temu

    عيييييييييييعععع لعبان نفس

  • MakaRiver69
    MakaRiver6919 dni temu

    Yo se que hay de todo en la vida y el sendero del Señor pero encuentro una falta de respeto como chilena que le pongan mayonesa al meló tuna y al melon calameño 😤 al dragon fruit hagan lo que quieran porque no se da en mi país pero WTF!

  • Do Rebel
    Do Rebel20 dni temu

    Please serve mayonnaise aside, and certainly not mixed with fruits. Then even though one often eat lobster mayonnaise in Europe I don't think it's drown in the mayonnaise :( Quite disappointing video especially when one thinks about the price tag :o I wonder if anybody transforming food in order to sell it (restaurants and the like) need a degree in cooking in the US. In Belgium we must have one, otherwise we can't cook for others (restaurants and the like) not even touch processed or premade food! Strictly forbidden. Only filling and serving sandwiches is allowed if we don't have a degree...

  • Juliano Lima
    Juliano Lima20 dni temu

    só cozido em água quente, e cortado. O tempero principal é maionese industrial.

  • Cff Champ
    Cff Champ20 dni temu

    $400 ? Hahaha. I can get a much better deal eating something nicer And full stomach

  • leo lee
    leo lee21 dzień temu

    if you go to a restaurant, they usually charge about 20 dollars a pound. So when people complain that this isn't worth 400 dollars, you forget that you're going out to eat.

  • leo lee

    leo lee

    21 dzień temu

    plus this is in new york

  • Erik S
    Erik S21 dzień temu

    I am still waiting for this video ... ... where the lobster chops of someones fingers! Revenge of the lobster!

  • Ayu Nico
    Ayu Nico21 dzień temu

    Why are you guys disliking the video? Do you realize that Travel Thirsty goes EVERYWHERE? Disagree with the restaurant and never go there, but don't take it up with Travel Thirsty and the videomakers.

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson21 dzień temu

    I also want to eat this lobster...

  • şerafettin Sarrar
    şerafettin Sarrar21 dzień temu

    bir yemek için canlı canlı kaynar suya bir canlıyı atmak eziyet vahşet

  • Andy w
    Andy w21 dzień temu

    LOL you got a molted lobster with no meat. Have to get Canada cold water. You got fucked by meme! t. Lobster dude killed millions.

  • necXXII
    necXXII21 dzień temu

    What's THAT? 3:40 anyone

  • Inox Metal
    Inox Metal22 dni temu

    Mergulha a porra do animal de uma vez pra ele não sentir dor seu porcaria

  • Kazky Krasve
    Kazky Krasve22 dni temu

    $400 ? this is a joke right ....

  • Александр Семенов
    Александр Семенов22 dni temu


  • ابو محمد الشعبي
    ابو محمد الشعبي22 dni temu

    استغفرالعظيم واتوب اليه سبحان الله والحمدلله ولا اله الا الله والله اكبر اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه #اللهم إنا نسألك إيماناً دائماً ونسألك قلباً خاشعاً ونسالك علما نافعاً ونسألك صبرًا جميلاً ونسألك فرجاً قريباً ونسألك أجراً عظيماً ونسألك يقينا صادقاً ونسألك دينا قيماً ونسألك العافية من كل بَلِيَّة ونسألك الغنى عن الناس ونسألك تمام العافية ونسألك الشكر على العافية

  • Michael Cunningham
    Michael Cunningham22 dni temu

    This stupid shit is not worth $400 dollars. I could have a lobster and Dungeness crab feast for that kind of money. Plus the presentation was old fashioned and weak IMO.

  • CrimsoNaga
    CrimsoNaga22 dni temu

    People are complaining about the value, but I don't see anyone concerned that this dude sliced open both hands breaking into those claws at 11:30. Chef is clearly bleeding into both gloves.

  • Ardi fadel Pratama
    Ardi fadel Pratama22 dni temu

    RIP larry

  • Мастертак
    Мастертак22 dni temu

    зачем цветы в еде. еще бы тюль и бижутерию развесил

  • jose libardo guerrero vallejo
    jose libardo guerrero vallejo23 dni temu

    Muy bonito el plato y respeto mucho el trabajo del chef pero yo mi langosta la pido de la forma tradicional asada con ajo y mantequilla

  • Indo StreetFood
    Indo StreetFood23 dni temu

    woww thats a big one....

  • Indo StreetFood
    Indo StreetFood23 dni temu

    woww thats a big one....

  • Rodney Crawford
    Rodney Crawford23 dni temu

    My first thumbs down, the body of the lobster has meat and flavor, you don't rinse that away

  • valery fasanando
    valery fasanando23 dni temu

    Tenazaaaas!! 🥺 ( solo los q vieron LS entenderán 😜)

  • Chucky Chucky Rosales

    Chucky Chucky Rosales

    11 dni temu

    Si, yo no recordaba el nombre de la langosta, y me hubiese gustado que cortara la parte donde metę la langosta al Agua Caliente

  • Ruslan Khamitov
    Ruslan Khamitov23 dni temu

    Khristian ?

  • Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel
    Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel23 dni temu

    I feel sorry the lobsters death in mayo salad! My lord.

  • Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel
    Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel23 dni temu

    This guy the minute he toss the center of both melons, I already knew he have no clue where's the best flavor of these melons are. Wow. Wasteful!

  • duane howard
    duane howard24 dni temu

    Looks like he cut his finger while cutting up that lobster!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joëlle CADET

    Joëlle CADET

    22 dni temu

    Yes, he cut his finger, I see the blood.

  • Shweta Singh
    Shweta Singh24 dni temu

    Ohh just give me the damm lobster 😆🦞

  • 取了个名字
    取了个名字24 dni temu


  • David Gray
    David Gray24 dni temu

    Any lobster over 5lbs and you are paying for shell...2lbs is ideal.