New York City Food - PRAWN FRIED RICE Seafood Nasi Goreng Laut NYC


  • Ryu Vũ
    Ryu Vũ10 godzin temu

    This egg fried rice is low quality because of that dirty oil. Haiyaaa!! Uncle Roger don't like this video.

  • sofa
    sofa12 godzin temu

    Nhìn cái chảo dầu đen xì quá bẩn

  • Justin
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  • POTUS 2020
    POTUS 202018 godzin temu

    Nasty oil

  • peco 11
    peco 1123 godzin temu

    コメントがオイルきたねぇってことばっかりw 目玉焼き茶色いし、お米炒め始めたとき茶色くなったんオイルの色だもんな

  • Дмитрий Вартанов
    Дмитрий ВартановDzień temu

    Hello cancer

  • CN BaBa King
    CN BaBa KingDzień temu


  • Орлов Виктор
    Орлов ВикторDzień temu

    Маслу уже месяц как минимум!

  • frilink
    frilinkDzień temu

    It's funny how you're closer to home when abroad It's hard to find Singaporean who introduces their country as "Singapura" when in Singapore.....

  • ReelThai
    ReelThaiDzień temu

    Look yummy 😋

  • nufi ahmad
    nufi ahmadDzień temu

    Nasi Goreng from Indonesia not Singapore

  • Andika DR
    Andika DRDzień temu

    The oil has been used for many times. But that's how it brings the taste. People in Indonesia call it Jelantah Oil and yeah you can also add more fresh oil to keep the taste.

  • Mohiman Reang
    Mohiman ReangDzień temu

    Definitely made by some south east Asian immigrants

  • Walk With Dim
    Walk With DimDzień temu

    I’m hungry now

  • Betty Goh
    Betty GohDzień temu

    Obvious.. allb.commenting on the cooking oil.

    KORE WA CHANNEL2 dni temu

    น่ากินอยู่นะ น้ำมันโครตดำ

  • Osean Fallacy
    Osean Fallacy2 dni temu

    How many eggs do you want in your Nasi Goreng? Yes.

  • Jameson Cruz
    Jameson Cruz2 dni temu

    this is bad lol i think the first eggs where tossed out.b

  • Chris Kim
    Chris Kim2 dni temu

    That's not New York.. Chinese..

  • Inge Chen
    Inge Chen2 dni temu

    Rupanya rm.mkn Asia di Amerika pun gak lepas dari yg namanya MSG/MICIN/VETSIN dan juga MINYAK HITAM BEKAS GORENG BERULANG KALI 😂😂😂😂😂 Beneran gak nyangka, kirain standar rumah makan disana tinggi

    WAHYU MANCING2 dni temu


  • Kamhertz Martial Academy
    Kamhertz Martial Academy2 dni temu

    americans dont each cooking oil, but animal fats. thats why americans are so healthy, so slim, no high blood pressure, nor diabetes.... non existent in america.

  • Majlis Netizen Negara
    Majlis Netizen Negara2 dni temu


  • G Entity
    G Entity2 dni temu good

  • DeathCore 666
    DeathCore 6662 dni temu

    Anjay, Pake Minyak Jelantah😮

  • Metalmachine467
    Metalmachine4672 dni temu

    Gives it that burnt Krispy taste from that oil 🛢 lol

  • Arrumaisya Leslie
    Arrumaisya Leslie2 dni temu

    Awsome cool

  • Mehithose
    Mehithose2 dni temu

    Mhmm... Look at that beautiful brown oil!! I can even smell the cancer from here. But, actually what I concerned the most is the egg. Isn't it have some raw part to it? I mean, shouldnt the membranes of white egg would fully cover the yolk and not seen through like that?

  • Marisol Padua
    Marisol Padua2 dni temu

    En este restaurante se ven q son puercos en vez de usar aceite limpio parece aceite de motor q asco este lugar lo deben cerrar por falta de higiene miren los dedos de la persona q está cocinando tiene 10 libras de tierras bajos sus uñas

  • Cindy Lee
    Cindy Lee2 dni temu

    I’m Asian American and I got to say, it was disturbing to see such dirty and old oil used in a restaurant in NYC... I’m sure many will say old oil is for flavor, but I think that maybe passable in your own home, not so in a public setting. JS. I’ve watched many of your videos and have seen cleaner oil used in SE Asia... So, this place was disappointing bc they could have used clean oil, but didn’t. I mean, they knew you’d be filming right?! Anyways, they will not be on my To Try list. Also, the kitchen didn’t seem to look as clean as it could be. You could see oil/scum in their mixing pan, oil around their wok station, and in my opinion, they don’t try to keep up with sanitation. Not hating on you, just grossed out by that restaurant...

  • Jacob GUEDJ
    Jacob GUEDJ3 dni temu Shell

  • Gobinda RM. Vlogs
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  • Mai Nguyen
    Mai Nguyen3 dni temu

    Dầu ăn sao đen zj nhỉ. Hay do nó màu tối

  • 函得人喂哦
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  • Lukman Nugraha Pratama
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  • Bagos Indonesia
    Bagos Indonesia3 dni temu

    Im hungry bos

  • Chaiyapol Studio
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  • M S T
    M S T3 dni temu

    Everyone is talking abt the oil But in asia this is pretty normal Almost every street foods r just like that may be not fresh enough but still delicious

  • M S T

    M S T

    2 dni temu

    @Mehithose this one served as street food restaurant 😂

  • Mehithose


    2 dni temu

    Yeah.. street food. But this is restaurant..

  • Agus Pramono
    Agus Pramono3 dni temu

    Enak nii

  • Dang Loan
    Dang Loan3 dni temu

    Dầu đen xì ko

  • G. B.
    G. B.3 dni temu

    Cooking 🥘 oil not healthy...!

  • Benz Culinary Arts
    Benz Culinary Arts3 dni temu

    Is this for one portion?

  • DIMAS Yang
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  • DIMAS Yang
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  • Shirley De Avila
    Shirley De Avila3 dni temu

    Es desagradable ver aceite quemado y sobre todo que cocinen con el ...

  • 박천홍
    박천홍3 dni temu


  • Maricar Castillo
    Maricar Castillo3 dni temu

    Damn! that's dark! you use diesel for frying? 😂

  • Deepika Sharma
    Deepika Sharma3 dni temu


  • Deepika Sharma
    Deepika Sharma3 dni temu

    Insan h ya janawar foreingers

  • R a y
    R a y3 dni temu

    Lets see what uncle Roger said about this dish.. Haiiyyaa 😄😄

  • Izzuddin Idris
    Izzuddin Idris3 dni temu

    High colesterol

  • Foodiedi
    Foodiedi3 dni temu

    I made some food video

  • Elbert Lim
    Elbert Lim3 dni temu

    Is that oil or soy sauce 🤣

  • 丸丸
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  • hello lolo
    hello lolo3 dni temu

    R.I.P Sanitary

  • aryo
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  • Last Day
    Last Day3 dni temu

    By the way, the caption is using the language of Malay, so maybe the chef is a malay chef

  • Last Day
    Last Day3 dni temu

    This must be one of the egg fried rice UNCLE Roger mentioned before, see, that guy is using MSG. Bingo

  • Tony Loechte
    Tony Loechte3 dni temu

    I was not hungry until I saw this.

  • กินเที่ยว ทั่วไทย love thailand
    กินเที่ยว ทั่วไทย love thailand3 dni temu


  • Danish Absar
    Danish Absar3 dni temu

    Uncle Roger what's going on here

  • Lidian Liu
    Lidian Liu3 dni temu


  • Dimas Xd
    Dimas Xd3 dni temu

    Nasi goreng Indo

  • danusorn jielagon
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  • Muslimin R
    Muslimin R3 dni temu

    Stop complaining about the oil if u still eat the junk food

  • ks kim
    ks kim3 dni temu

    This is worst food video i've ever seen. what that oil that human can eat??????

  • Felipe Aricapa
    Felipe Aricapa3 dni temu

    Ese aceite ya está muy quemado o es reutilizado.en todo caso no comería nada frito con ese aceite que sugiere mala calidad😨😬😵🤥

  • GreatWhiteBuckwheat
    GreatWhiteBuckwheat3 dni temu

    5:05 Does anyone know what he ladled out of the container into the oil?

  • ExoGoDz
    ExoGoDz3 dni temu

    How disgusting that dark oil that's going to fuck your stomach

  • D. K T
    D. K T3 dni temu

    This is the Chinese style. Too much oil and oyster sauce. Its disgusting as the Chinese government

  • josh asw
    josh asw3 dni temu

    Ah..... yes..... looks like taste of my childhood

  • Vijay Maddela
    Vijay Maddela3 dni temu

    That oil gives bad cholesterol 👎

  • Nasir Osman
    Nasir Osman3 dni temu


  • Shreya Arora
    Shreya Arora3 dni temu

    Man, you need to check your cholesterol after eating that delicious nasi goreng

  • William Miller
    William Miller3 dni temu

    I love shrimp fried rice!

  • Tín Trần
    Tín Trần3 dni temu

    Ngon xuất sắc...

  • Rome _’
    Rome _’3 dni temu

    엔진오일로 요리하나 먹으면 뒤지겄네

  • Apple Dekill
    Apple Dekill3 dni temu

    Perhaps it is Garlic- onion infused Oil

  • Ryan Bacchus
    Ryan Bacchus3 dni temu

    At least Clean the Shrimps!

  • vivien Hoo
    vivien Hoo3 dni temu


  • Lee Xu Shen
    Lee Xu Shen3 dni temu

    at least change the oil!

  • Putu Widiarsa
    Putu Widiarsa3 dni temu

    just pour some H2O2 and the oil is good to go

  • espiritu jaguar nuevas enseñanzas
    espiritu jaguar nuevas enseñanzas3 dni temu

    Que bueno que esten reanudando los negocios muchad bendiciones para USA ❤❤

  • Cynthia Solomon
    Cynthia Solomon4 dni temu

    That oil looks Filthy.Peace

  • T V
    T V4 dni temu

    Black cooking oil not good for your health

  • 在我的开始是你的结束
    在我的开始是你的结束4 dni temu


  • 在我的开始是你的结束
    在我的开始是你的结束4 dni temu


  • Y Fernando
    Y Fernando4 dni temu

    The cooking oil is so disappointed😭

  • fun wisnu
    fun wisnu4 dni temu

    It's age of dark oil guys...

  • Scillk J
    Scillk J4 dni temu

    這盤炒飯也太大盤了吧 幾個人吃阿 lol

    PGRFN4 dni temu

    Why's everyone complaining about the oil... It has all the flavours.

  • Noriemi Ibrahim

    Noriemi Ibrahim

    Dzień temu

    Coz its carcinogenic. They need to use new oil in each cooking instead of reusing the same one.

  • Festezy One

    Festezy One

    Dzień temu

    Because everyone see the oil just because it's black..

  • Bia


    3 dni temu

    Not really flavor and burnt particles are 2 different things

  • Faza Eriando

    Faza Eriando

    3 dni temu

    Pala bapak kau

  • John BooBoo
    John BooBoo4 dni temu

    Everyone complaining about the oil. This is why Chinese food taste so good!!!

  • HYPERmanster


    2 dni temu

    Filipino needs more oil lol

  • Pankaj Verma

    Pankaj Verma

    3 dni temu

    An Indian complaining about oil. What more validation do you need?

  • Do Rebel
    Do Rebel4 dni temu

    Oil: er... what car does it come from? Veggie containers: dirty, prep space: dirty; cooking tools: dirty; pots: dirty; cooktop: dirty. Actually everything there is dirty. Probably place more dangerous than coronavirus... Thanks for showing us places where NOT to go eating! Mayday, Mayday: NYC lost contact with food safety controls...

  • Myke P
    Myke P4 dni temu

    Looks good, the losers in the comments must inspect the oil everywhere they get their bland ass food from

  • Dedi Kurniawan
    Dedi Kurniawan4 dni temu

    Dirty oil is suck

  • Mazmaryo FA
    Mazmaryo FA4 dni temu

    Gooo Team Street Food

  • Anton A
    Anton A4 dni temu


  • norman ismail
    norman ismail4 dni temu

    Dirty oil is the secret recipe

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  • John Major
    John Major4 dni temu

    Nasi goreng is delicious😋