Indonesian Food - WHITE TAILED RAT Cooked in Bamboo Sulawesi Indonesia


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    Tomohon is a small, cool town in Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi. The distance is approximately one hour drive from Manado by motorized vehicle. The road connecting the two cities is winding, passing through Pineleng (Tuanku Imam Bonjol's exile) and Kinilow (once the headquarters of Permesta). Since long time ago, Tomohon is one of the student cities in North Sulawesi. Although small, this city already has a high school level school, namely Algemene Middelsbare School (AMS). In addition, Tomohon also has schools at the junior and elementary level, namely Meer Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs (MULO) and Hollandsch Inlandsche School (HIS). Now, in this city there is the Indonesian Christian University Tomohon (UKIT), the Theology College, the Faculty of Psychology and PGSD from the Manado State University (UNIMA), and other campuses. In this city, several prominent Minahasa people have attended school, one of which is the painter Henk Nantung who was the Governor of Jakarta. However, Kiwari Tomohon is actually famous for the existence of an extreme market that sells various animal meats which are not commonly consumed in a number of areas. The official name of the market is Tomohon City Faith Market. If you type the word "Tomohon" into a search engine, the first things that appear are pictures and articles about the market. Some of the animals whose meat is sold in this market include cats, dogs, forest rats, bats and snakes. Most of it has been roasted, only the pythons are still chunks of raw meat. One of the animals whose meat has been prohibited from being traded so that it is not easy to find is a monkey. However, said a taxi driver in Tomohon whom I spoke to in 2018, monkey meat can still be found in markets before light. Apart from Tomohon, there are several places that also sell python meat, one of which is Malalayang Terminal, Manado City. There are also a number of restaurants that serve processed food from these animals. Pythons, commonly called patola, are often cooked as coconut milk or satay food. This animal is rather difficult to find in North Sulawesi, so it must be supplied from Central Sulawesi. And bats are also usually processed with a coconut milk spice called paniki. In addition, there is also a forest rat called kawok. Alex Mendur, one of the photographers of the moment of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence who founded IPPHOS, as recorded in the book Alexius Impurung Mendur (1986: 9), when children often eat these animals: "Alex Mendur likes to hunt garden mice (forest rats) with his friends. So they can be burned and eaten." Also read: The Story of Minahasa Youths Building IPPHOS & Preserving the Proclamation War, Jokes, and Division The habit of consuming animals that are not commonly eaten, helps the Minahasa people when they have to survive in the forest. In the era of armed conflict in the 1950s, Minahasa people who became guerrillas - both in the Justice Defense Force (PPK) led by Jan Timbuleng and Permesta led by Vintje Sumual - were able to survive with limited logistics. An example was given by Rudy Manoppo, a Permesta follower who later entered the Magelang National Military Academy (AMN), batch 1962. In the infantry branching course, as found in the book Kompi Sulhaspati: Pengabdian dan Perjuangan (2002: 320), Rudy gives examples of survival in the jungle by eating monkeys and snakes. The habit of consuming these animals then spawned a number of jokes. One of them is the expression that "everything that can fly as long as it is not a plane, everything that creeps from where it is not a train, can be eaten by the Minahasa". For a long time, these animals have become the food of the Minahasa people, even before Christianity and Islam entered North Sulawesi. Some Christians who do not prohibit this food then continue the habit. "It is clear that food divides Christian-Minahasa and Islam," writes Nono Sumampouw in his book Becoming Manado: Torang Samua Basudara, Sabla Aer, and Social Identity Formation (2018: 11). However, he emphasized that this happened only in terms of food, not dividing the Minahasa widely. Apart from Muslims, according to Roger Allan Kembuan, a historian and lecturer at Sam Ratulangi University, Adventist Christians also do not consume these animals.

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    2021:Después de la pandemia las personas serán más inteligentes y no comerán cosas tan sucias como murciélagos o rat... Carajo

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    MONUMENTO a la falta de higiene y miseria absoluta, para tener que COMER RATAS. Un Asco

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    Just because you don't understand certain eating habits, doesn't mean these people are weird people! (a few exceptions!) . However, they eat what they've got and make the best of it! - If I was there I would definitely try it, just out of the sheer respect for their culture! But still, it's a RAT! lol

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    I used to eat that, but not anymore because i'm a lil bit disgusted about anything made from rat (it doesn't mean i hate it i can still eat the dish if i have no choice. my mom cooked it i think last month (on christmas) but i didn't eat the dish because we had another more common meat like pork and chicken.😀😀😀

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    I'm an adventurous eater and like trying strange foods from other countries. But no disrespect, I would never in a million years eat that. Rats are dirty disgusting animals and I would never eat one. They look so disgusting as he was chopping them. I would eat a plate bugs before I even thought about touching a rat

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    No...fuck you ,dude... 88% Indonesian is Muslim... We don't eat something like that... This Video and other Video about Indonesian eating bush meat is from this region...North Sulawesi Province... And they're Non Muslim...

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