New York City Street Food - ITALIAN PIZZA PIES Slice & Co NYC


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    my mouth was watering for the duration of this video

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    o cara podia tirar a pulseira.

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    I want pizza so much

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    No gloves?

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    Anyone want to venture a guess as to how many arms hairs you'll get in these pizzas?

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    I still prefer cheffs who wear gloves Tbh

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    Unpopular opinion: NY style pizza is the best in the world.

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    Awesome tutorial.

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    Ke skifo quell salame e jaaa

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    Name of this 18:40 please

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    this ISN’T Italian pizza...I am Italian and our pizza is very different

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    one man kitchen

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    Un crack el pibe, un re aguante tiene en los brazos y manos jsjsjs

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    On es en période de covid met des gants. Si non très belle pizza

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    In Argentina we call pizza that is thin "stone pizza" But the most popular and fattest, it has more dough, it is thicker.Good video caught me hungry 😌

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    Koe meu consagrado, tá economizando queijo ?

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    I'm hungry but not watching this Kat....he straight up garbage no technique or soul feeling in his craft! tha greatest pies up in NY deserve better!

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    I heard New York has the best pizza 👁👄👁

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    ✦ اللهم صلِ وسلم على نبينا محمد .

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  • biedny miś
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    Kurwa w masce robi a gołymi ŁAPAMI ciasto wyrabia OBŁĘD

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    Deberían de tener más Higiene, porque el horno está muy Oxidado, Y pues eso también es importante en la Alimentación. La Higiene!

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    En cuanto a la calidad para hacer pizza es inobjetable, ahora su hablamos de limpieza del lugar deja mucho que desear.

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    Se ve delicios o

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    There is nothing in the world 🌎 like New York Pizza 🍕 😋. Every time I go home it’s the first me and kids want to go to the Bronx to get the best 🍕.

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    Possible amounts of dough

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    Mouth watering pizza 🍕 just awesome

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  • Andrew Churney
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    I made hand-tossed pizzas for several years. Probably the funnest job I ever had! Definitely the tastiest! I never got tired of pizza and still enjoy a good one 30 years later.

  • sbqntly awake

    sbqntly awake

    4 dni temu

    But it's really demanding, but also satisfying work. My father was also making pizzas in restaurants for a very long time. I got this love for making pizza from him..

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    La pizza è interessante ma il forno è rotto e sporco e anche sotto il forno sul pavimento totale mancanza di pulizia. 😨😨😨

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    كم اتمني ان احصل علي قطعة فلسطينية مرت من هنا

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    This is not italian pizza 🤢

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    I have never eat pizza I don't even know how it tastes

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    He’s a very clean and fast worker.

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    3 dni temu

    Need smellovision...

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    Да как же сделать такое тесто, отпишите, кто знает! Обалдеть!

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    Masks are GAY. Fucking virtue signaling at its finest! Oh, and nevermind the fact Fredo CUOMO sent THOUSANDS of Covid-19 patients to nursing homes.

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    Just wondering, would he deliver to another state?

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    Where are his gloves?

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    Hey, how are you? Great video, thank you for sharing. Have an awesome day!

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    I am Loving it.

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    Belle pizze

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    Super recipe good job bro tasteful dear sweet friend your sister from Pakistan good luck my channel like share subscribe Kary bro recipe by cook with naz. My channel name by thanks again brother

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    I don’t want to be rude but as an italian i have to say that these pizzas don’t look good, personally i would never pay to eat a slice of it, everything is wrong in the preparation and the final result is really ugly to be honest

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    Wow i am hungry now and want one slice of each pizza😋

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    You are Super. Thank you so much .

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    polish pizza is best havy and good

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    ☁    ☁ ☀         ☁     ☁     ☁       ✈ ☁    ☁ 🏢__🏨____🌴_🏘___🏩💒__      /🚔🚔  \ 🌴 / 🚔  🚔 \    / 🚔🚘 🚔\ ︎

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    Super 😎

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    very easy!.

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    I love these videos, no commentator

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    Amo esses vídeos. Amo ouvir todos os sons 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    Love 💕 and respect this looks hard for your arms and hands.well done

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    Ω ναιιι❤️👍

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    Bine ca avea clienti,nimeni!!

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    Daca vedea protectia consumatorului in Romania cuptorul ala ,va inchide direct!!

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    Comunque in Italia mica si mangia sta roba si vede che sono americani senza parole la ritengo solo un offesa per la cucina italiana

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    That guy is awesome. My hands and fingers would cramp up doing what he does. I hope he gets paid good! He deserves it. :)

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  • Malika Dakich
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    Mas penahe AAP ne

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    Super pizza

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    جميل حقااااا 💕💕🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

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    Why the masks? I don’t F get it, people wearing stupid masks wrong know why,

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    I never thought pizza making would make me cry, I am so damn hungry.

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    🇧🇷 O melhor do mundo

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    Achei que só eu do Brasil assistia rsrs

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    *and after three hours the pizzas are still under the heat lamp, have fun eating*

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    Dr. Becker

    17 dni temu

    @Mike Barrett 40 Minutes ihhhhh

  • Mike Barrett

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    It's NYC, none of that food is sitting there longer than 30-40 minutes lol

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    dont bust my bubbles on my pie please

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    street food is a euphemism its just JUNK food

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    parece que ta cortando madeira

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    why am I wathing those vids while hungry?

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    I love pizza with chicken and catupiry!!!✨

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    Хочу жрать!

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    how much is it?

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    Nyami nyami☻😍

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    Eso que Pizza sabrosa paisa

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    Please dont call this italian, its a new york style Pizza. Even though it looks tasty, please just dont.

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    Agree.....and with pinapple is just a crime

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    @Manenuljus um, ok

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    @Mike Barrett I know but if moved to a different country and made a burger with only mushroms in a bun, i couldnt call it amerikan.

  • Mike Barrett

    Mike Barrett

    17 dni temu

    I know people really struggle to understand this, but these recipes were created by Italian immigrants when they got here.

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    I'd be fat af if that's what I did all day 🤤

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    Sem orégano?😮😥

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    лука маринованного нет и зелени нет

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    يا ميه😋😝😝😜

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    Lo que he visto, además de la preparación de la pizza, es un horno sucio la limpieza deja que desear y una instalación eléctrica precaria, esto es Nueva York?

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    Пиздец там волос на тесте, от его рук!😂

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    Я не заметил

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    I love watching this guy work his craft. Just wish I could partake!

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    May God bless and grant success🛎👍

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    All perfect until i saw the pineapple being thrown on there almost puked

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    Ese wey no es coreano es de Latinoamérica xdxd :v

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    Everytime u put a pizza in the oven an italian dies !🥲

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    I've seen barns cleaner than this place.

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    Gracias 😊

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    Супер пицца. ❗️❗️❗️🍅🍅🍅🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍸🍸🍸🍺🍺🍺🥂🥂🥂🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍺🍺

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    Brick oven pizza, cook the pizza in an industrial oven

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    Антисанитария отсутствует.Стены в каких-то разводах, подтеках ,грибке ,и что самое ужасное- они элементарно- грязные ...Внешний вид цеха привел в ужас.

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    @Chance Dicken Big please

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