New York City Food - GIANT BLACK PEPPER LOBSTER Laut Seafood NYC


  • Arman T
    Arman T5 godzin temu

    Возможно эти люди в ад попадут, за такое издевательское убийство живых существ.

  • Yudi On
    Yudi On5 godzin temu

    Like I said American don't treat seafood in proper way.

  • Mẹo hay mỗi ngày
    Mẹo hay mỗi ngày11 godzin temu

    Quá ngon

  • Мaksim Matrofailo
    Мaksim Matrofailo11 godzin temu

    Разобрали бедолагу на запчасти.

  • Jenny Muriel
    Jenny Muriel22 godzin temu


  • Charles Garrett
    Charles GarrettDzień temu

    It seems as if this Chef has never dressed a lobster before. He is making a mess of dismembering this one for sure. Instead of tearing it apart it should be cut with a very sharp knife. Maybe he could ask for help from a Japanese Chef who are masters at this. I sure am glad that I am not paying $400.00 for this mess.

  • C Web
    C WebDzień temu

    como isto não! nem pego! nervoso! tenho dó também! como ela sofre!

  • đầu bếp trẻ
    đầu bếp trẻDzień temu

    Có ai việt nam sem k

  • Teoman Mucan
    Teoman MucanDzień temu

    5 kg...?

  • V B
    V BDzień temu

    Soups are going out

  • Pemburu Masa
    Pemburu MasaDzień temu

    Chef apa macam ni siang lobster terketar ketar tangan Mak aiii......

  • Glacius ki
    Glacius kiDzień temu

    This has to be the worst lobster prep ever. Painful to watch, it looks like this is the guy’s first job ever... Ever. Get away from the lobsters man... what a disrespectful way to dispatch the animal.

  • Yasel Hernández
    Yasel Hernández2 dni temu

    In short, I don't know much about cooking but what I'm sure of is that your future is as a mechanic 🤔 not as a cook xd

    KORE WA CHANNEL2 dni temu

    ดูคลิปญี่ปุ่นเสร็จมาดูอันนี้ต่อ อารมณ์แม่งคนละเรื่อง

  • Fany Cruz
    Fany Cruz2 dni temu

    Son para comer no se ardan

  • Kaaraz Razka
    Kaaraz Razka2 dni temu

    Not a good chef this guy i don't like Japonese will crying i think ! i speak about the cuting

  • Lorrayne Soares
    Lorrayne Soares2 dni temu

    That was sad to watch, at least kill the lobter first.

  • Nghia Huynh
    Nghia Huynh2 dni temu

    Theo mk xem thi các nước kia họ sẽ ngu đông con vật, coi thế này thấy hoi bi nhân tâm

  • Yeung Rem
    Yeung Rem2 dni temu

    Everytime watch someone kill those animals or shellfish by a wrong way ,it really piss me off , one of the reason is not necessary, and secondly is how dare you cheat lifes like this , i know eventually they still become the delicious food on the desk (although this video "chefs" made it as a disaster ) , why don't just be humble on everything we eat ? Bunch of idiots

  • Athos agiota
    Athos agiota2 dni temu

    Lobster: aaaaaaaaaaaaa It hurts aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stoooop aaaaaaaaaaa as a aaaaa a aaaaa huuuh ahh u Aaaaa Aauw Ahh ... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .

  • Moon Star
    Moon Star2 dni temu

    This lobster went through the worse of its kind. So sad. They really screwed up this time.

  • Derrick
    Derrick2 dni temu

    BUTCHERED !!!! This person needs to learn how to deal with and peice lobster !!!

  • Muhammad Imtihan Rosyadi
    Muhammad Imtihan Rosyadi3 dni temu

    Aku dari Indonesia 👍 🇮🇩 ❤️ 🇺🇸

  • crzy catlady
    crzy catlady3 dni temu

    That poor lobster lived a long time only to meet it's end butchered inhumanely. Why couldn't they dispatch it before sticking a rod up it's ass and then ripping its tail and claws off?? Senseless and cruel!

  • Yohann Poulnois
    Yohann Poulnois3 dni temu

    Quelle bande d'enfoiré quand même comment il tue se pauvre homard et l'état de la gaziniere me donne pas e vie de bouffe dans se restaurant

  • Marie b
    Marie b3 dni temu

    🤢🤢🤢, This was so Barbaric.. I have seen many lobsters prepared, but never Anything like this. 🤮🤮

  • Berkut kutut
    Berkut kutut3 dni temu

    Poor lobster he want a life aswell, we are should sharing the word but human always destroy everything.

  • Jaka Al Stark
    Jaka Al Stark3 dni temu

    It's remind me with spongebob's friend, Larry

  • MrJ
    MrJ3 dni temu

    worst video of Travel Thirsty

  • Loren Faith Pabico
    Loren Faith Pabico3 dni temu

    Im scared this is scary they cutted and tear apart the body parts of the lobster while its alive 😮😱

  • J.G. vdK
    J.G. vdK3 dni temu

    Wat een ongelofelijke prutser. En dan hou ik het nog netjes.

  • Lucy Inzunza
    Lucy Inzunza3 dni temu

    Alguien deberia hacerle lo mismo al desgraciado este!

  • Saifull BOB
    Saifull BOB3 dni temu

    Omg I am so sad with this presentation It was disaster High quality lobster but low quality chef So sad

  • Solange Regina
    Solange Regina3 dni temu

    Que lagosta muito show de bola

  • Mata Mata
    Mata Mata3 dni temu

    One word....cruel

  • Mazmaryo FA
    Mazmaryo FA4 dni temu

    Mantap Dah, Smoga Kita Bisa Bantu Para Pedagang Kecil Ammin, Sallam Pejuang Street Food

  • M B
    M B4 dni temu

    Very cruel!

  • Marcus Å
    Marcus Å4 dni temu

    How to butcher a beautiful lobster...

  • Роман Цулеев
    Роман Цулеев4 dni temu

    Ну можно было убить сначала чем рвать на куски живого. ЗВЕРЮГИ 😠😠😠

  • WiLBUR Vlogyy
    WiLBUR Vlogyy4 dni temu

    First kill them😔

    COLIN CHIA4 dni temu

    Shame to 🇸🇬

  • Isabel Encina Rodríguez
    Isabel Encina Rodríguez4 dni temu


  • Kristián Duda
    Kristián Duda4 dni temu

    Is shit

  • mandelmale mandelmale
    mandelmale mandelmale4 dni temu

    You hypocrites are really funny You all are eating it and you care about how it's being killed? Line fishing must be stopped too then , cruel, hooking by the "throat"

  • Randy


    Dzień temu

    Yup I cook anf eat lobster,( may I add a lot better than this) but I am humane when I kill it. If I'm boiling or steaming it I kill it beforehand! I do not cook them alive! Let alone tearing them apart alive. Pure ignorance!!!

  • MrJ


    3 dni temu

    No, I just can't believe there is a such unprofessional cooker in NYC.

  • Winston Wan
    Winston Wan4 dni temu

    Wrong restaurant to prepare your lobster feast🙅‍♂️

  • Chồn Quậy Phá
    Chồn Quậy Phá4 dni temu

    I think it very hurt. So scary😨😨

  • Heart of ocean
    Heart of ocean4 dni temu

    It’s painful to watch really

  • สมชาย ใจดี
    สมชาย ใจดี4 dni temu


  • Indoculinaire Hunter
    Indoculinaire Hunter4 dni temu

    Too bad the beautiful lobster is spoiled because of the wrong way to cook it

  • Katakuri TM
    Katakuri TM4 dni temu

    the most cruel chef i ever seen..

  • Comment Guy
    Comment Guy4 dni temu

    I am not a chef..not even a good cook but still it was hard to watch...

  • Mulyono Mulyono
    Mulyono Mulyono4 dni temu

    Not profesional cook, Ajooooorrrrr!!!!!!!

  • Leka Kalunamarsya
    Leka Kalunamarsya4 dni temu

    why him deep fry big lobster.? amateur

  • mattikujanpaa
    mattikujanpaa4 dni temu

    I came for the comments and I was not surprised....

  • jie xu
    jie xu4 dni temu


  • Josephine khalaf
    Josephine khalaf4 dni temu

    You chef have no idea what your doingl!!!!! You did a Horrible job in the beginning n the end sr!!!!! SMH

  • Banhsta TV
    Banhsta TV4 dni temu

    anyone notice how he used the same spoon for two different seasonings at 13:54 ??

  • AD O
    AD O4 dni temu

    Untrained chef. Not a good way to kill / cut a lobster.

  • Galaxy King
    Galaxy King4 dni temu

    Im not a vegan or anything but could yall kill them before ripping its tail and limbs off?

  • Olivia McGill
    Olivia McGill4 dni temu

    it feels so strange hearing english after hearing asian languages all this time lol

  • Siddharrha Millick
    Siddharrha Millick4 dni temu

    This is an Indian cook knows nothing about cooking.

  • michael heinrich
    michael heinrich5 dni temu

    Wow im lost for words you botched the entire lobster just to drop all in oil?! Fuck me

  • michael heinrich
    michael heinrich5 dni temu

    Definitely could have killed him humanly, let's just cut him in half first?! Start with the head first, Jesus that pains me what a bunch of sloppy " chefs "

  • Isabel Aviles
    Isabel Aviles5 dni temu

    Quiero ver si comen

  • Klaus Gutmann
    Klaus Gutmann5 dni temu

    Das ist Tierquälerrei!!!

  • Hervé Coulon
    Hervé Coulon5 dni temu


  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan5 dni temu

    Foolish people

  • Zin Con
    Zin Con5 dni temu

    Nhìn làm trông ngứa cả mắt

  • Bio Hazard
    Bio Hazard5 dni temu


  • John Paul Zamora Cabonilas
    John Paul Zamora Cabonilas5 dni temu

    I feel so sad about the lobster

  • Eleanor Bayog
    Eleanor Bayog5 dni temu

    its so beauti lu

  • Eleanor Bayog
    Eleanor Bayog5 dni temu

    its nice

  • Eleanor Bayog
    Eleanor Bayog5 dni temu

    its amaxing

  • Eleanor Bayog
    Eleanor Bayog5 dni temu

    ilike the way cutting the lobster

  • Narith Lifestyle
    Narith Lifestyle5 dni temu

    Wow awesome 😊

  • Junjie Gahitos
    Junjie Gahitos5 dni temu

    Tang ina nyo naglalaway tuloy ako

  • Tasty Food Cooking
    Tasty Food Cooking5 dni temu

    Wow ! A lot of big lobsters !

  • ฟ้าใส่ หัวใจเบิกบาน
    ฟ้าใส่ หัวใจเบิกบาน5 dni temu


  • Sang Ngo
    Sang Ngo5 dni temu

    Đầu bếp làm tôm ko chuyên nghiệp ji hết

  • jason wisely
    jason wisely5 dni temu

    This chef! are not professional cooks 😤😡

  • Jeremy Downes
    Jeremy Downes5 dni temu

    i'm going to put flour on the shell because i'm a complete idiot

  • madhu madhu
    madhu madhu5 dni temu

    පණ තියෙද්දී කපනවානේ ...මේ මිනිස්සුද...

  • Penggoreng Van De Mix
    Penggoreng Van De Mix5 dni temu

    Pake palu karet ujung besimkontolll kauu

  • DerangedSloth555
    DerangedSloth5555 dni temu

    Imma avoid this joint lmao

  • Penggoreng Van De Mix
    Penggoreng Van De Mix5 dni temu

    Kenapa ngak di matikan aja baru kirim.sama ajaaa

  • DingoDing
    DingoDing5 dni temu

    Your camera is good. 👍

  • thegreatESQUEape
    thegreatESQUEape5 dni temu

    Damn bro yall couldnt kill em first?

  • Hayatta Yaşananlar
    Hayatta Yaşananlar5 dni temu

    Kaynayan kıskaçlar SAGOPA

  • sergey Commandante
    sergey Commandante5 dni temu

    How to spoil fresh lobster

  • Alan Tejeda
    Alan Tejeda5 dni temu

    why not kill it first through the neck? instead u stick a needle through his bobdy to presumably destroy its nervous system, cut lower body out, rip arms out and then putting it out of misery while ddestroyin the most beautiful part of the body so cringe, waste of lobster

  • Andreza Silva
    Andreza Silva5 dni temu

    Horrível, nota zero👎🏿

  • Danun Adnan
    Danun Adnan5 dni temu

    why u not boiling, before killing this lobster 😂

  • Eunmi Jang Channel
    Eunmi Jang Channel5 dni temu

    Love it

  • Peter Ackling
    Peter Ackling6 dni temu

    This guy has absolutely no idea how to prepare a lobster. He was struggling the whole way through. And didn’t even dispatch the lobster first. He tortured the thing before it died. Just ridiculous.

  • terry a
    terry a6 dni temu

    Who the hell taught you to break down a lobster? Wtf!?! Also you really waited to dispatch the thing last...smh. If cannibals get to you its karma. Just sayin! Get your s%!t together.

  • Helena Honma
    Helena Honma6 dni temu


  • Ieuan Lazarus
    Ieuan Lazarus6 dni temu

    How to report this video?

  • Ieuan Lazarus
    Ieuan Lazarus6 dni temu

    Worst chef ever i see in this world

  • John Lee
    John Lee6 dni temu

    Never seen a lobster did like this🤷🏾‍♂️

  • ie rodriguez
    ie rodriguez6 dni temu

    Not good chef.the way he cut 👎👎👎👎