Japanese Street Food - The BEST SEAFOOD in Okinawa Japan!

An abundance of fresh and exotic seafood can be found in Okinawa, Japan. Among the best to try are the giant lobster, giant sea snail, bigeye tuna, red snapper, and pufferfish.


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    Mn pior que é legal de ver

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    I don't care what kind of creature it is, it's CRUEL to butcher them when they're STILL ALIVE! Yuk.

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    What a beautiful informative video, Thank you for sharing!

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    But what happened to Mr. Puff?

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    This man sand his knife

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    man, you wrote Okinawa Japan, but the people talking in the background speaks Chinese (mandarin)

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    What in the fucking fuck I'm fine with eating them but he cut and ripped out the lobster's tail while it was fucking alive??! Why though -.-

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  • Relaxing Sounds
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    I'm sorry but if your nails look like they have a fungal infection then you should not be doing this 🤢🤮

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    i feel bad for the lobster but fuck they are so goddamn delicious

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    El señor de ls pulcets dr oro tiene hongos en la uña del pulgar 👍 izquierdo..

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    The oysterrrrrr😋😋😋😋

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    Why Japanese Not Cooking Fish? Eating Direct Slices!

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    Couldn’t they at least kill the lobster before cutting it up. Disgusting.

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    My stomach said don't eat a lobster too much u can get sick😳

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    who subscribed to this Chanel like

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    У раздельщика ногти больные и люди после его рук это едят? И ещё небось сырым? 24.11

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    At 6:35 i was so sad fo m because the cute fish had to die alive :(

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    El cocinero se corto y esta sangrando y aun continua contaminando la comida...

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    Обожаю острые ножи. Рыбку Фугу жалко на ёжика похожа. Лобстеры живые же. Не не по-русски это рыбу сырую есть без обработки термической.

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    Семья жизнь в России

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    @Рафаэль Гайсин Я тоже заметила.

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    Ещё после того, как посмотришь на ногти раздельщика 24.11)) И это не фугу, фугу без шипов, хотя родственник этой рыбе.

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    I was going to cook fish for tonight's dinner . Now I CANNOT 😳

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    8:45 11:31 Horrible disgusting treatment of living things that by all accounts can feel pain. Horrible disgusting pieces of excrement.

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    Fish universe:ASMR eating fresh human

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    one thing i did not like that running water from tap........wasting so much of water

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    Fish cutting is an art...this must be a training video.

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    There is no need to worry if this chef prepares meat such as puffer fish

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    They never take the time to kill the lobster first inhumane. What's going to happen when they fish there seas and ocean dry of fish killing the biological sea creatures that keeps the oceans and seas clean clams and oysters are filters

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    lobster still alive 23:51 !! that animal has a soul too don't you have a sense of pity I feel so sorry for those animals you will pay for what you do in the future We can eat animals but we gotta get their soul fast if we don't do that we'll be bad people And someday God will punish bad people So be a good person. !

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    Amazing Sea Food.

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    Your nice needs to be sharpened... I need any better skills on cutting that fish up..... Looks like your butchering it...

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    How depressing to see then prep'ing Porcupine fish, the gentlest shy little wonderer you might care to find diving on a reef. I'm a big seafood eater, but a diver too, and eating them just makes no sense to me (aka yeugh)

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